Bb exec listening session

Ray Henderson opened, asking for feedback on his report card.

GeorgeMason- better communication, even through problems.

Enhancement request area- can not see if something is a common request(applause)

Gradebook was a nightmare- elementary program- wants to run pivot tables on exported data

Open source solutions- don’t do it (laughter) – Michael is talking about feature set, web2.0, ease of use, Ray- Bb service is high touch, high service, more John wooden quotes, watch the life cycle of the company you work with. Ray is talking about being part of the fabric in the system.

Publish a large university moving TO Bb
Need help showing the case for Bb over open source.
More(free) help with upgrades. Webct user

Free consulting for webct and angel moving

Have text voting

Privacy and data security- several projects under way

Openness and transparency- crowd sourcing, bug squad

Resources of what does and doesn’t work, better documentation
Maintenance blog- need rss feed

User returned an iPad

Why is mobile so expensive

Can not move from cep because they are reliant on grading forms-
9.1 has rubrics and gradable in service pack

Keep the Wimba and eliminate folks that know their product

Compliments on 9.1

Compliments on open database

Service packs every 60 to 90 days may be too much

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