I’m too young to be too old for the Internet

So over at Dork Tower, John Kovalic captures something that I realized about two years ago, that I have entered the slow lane on the Information Superhighway.  Yup, even calling it the Information Superhighway dates me, doesn’t it?

The thing is, I’m not really sure when this happened, but I went from being one of those bleeding edge people to someone who tries to figure out what I really “have” to learn.  Maybe because I work in instructional technology and I already get saturated with tech at work.  Maybe because I don’t have time to do all this new stuff.  Maybe because I don’t have a personal need for all this stuff.   Not sure.

But I really need to know this stuff.  I’ve been thinking that I didn’t need to get into blogs and wikis and Web 2.0 because my faculty weren’t even getting web 0.5.  And if I can’t help them with that, how in the world would they ever handle the new stuff.  But I’m starting to think more along the lines of leading by example and a simple vacuum effect.  If I’m out on the edge, they have to come a little closer just to talk to me.  And maybe they’ll like something they see and want to try it themself.

And maybe I can have some fun along the way.